Penny's General Store & Antiques
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Meet Penny Roman!

Penny used to manage a health-food store, where she first got the idea of someday opening her place, especially an old-fashioned general store. 

For over ten years, Penny and her husband Brian have been visiting family in the Fall Creek Falls area. They loved it so much here that they decided to look around for some land to buy. 

They purchased the store, and worked on it for six years, slaving away under the grueling supervision of the Big Boss*:

Penny likes the martial arts, especially Tang Soo Do, a Korean karate, and has trained at the Lake House in St. Leo, Florida. She enjoys working out and going on long walks with her two dogs, Ginger and Rosie (BB*).

Brian enjoys woodworking, and other crafts, such as his concrete birdbaths, benches, and other products, which may be purchased at the store. He even makes his own molds.   Brian is also a very talented stained-glass artist.

Penny is originally from Washington, D.C.  Brian hails from Grand Rapids, MI. Penny and Brian both ended up going to high school in Florida, where they became sweethearts, and have been together ever since! 





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